We provide carpet cleaning in Hammersmith

Having clean carpets is quite important. Carpets that are not regularly cleaned become magnets for dust and millions of bacteria which could affect the environment of the room where the carpet is.

It is especially important to have clean carpets in an environment where there are kids or people with health problems like asthma.

Renting equipment that a person doesn’t know how to use is too expensive. Hiring a carpet cleaning service, carried out by professionals in the Hammersmith field is cheaper and the good results are certain.

Carpet, Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning Price
Landing Carpet from £4
Bedroom Carpet from £23
Livingroom Carpet from £25
Sofa - Two Seat from £30
Sofa - Three Seat from £45
Upholstered Armchair from £18
Minimum call out charge £55

When a client contacts us, the first thing we do is introduce them to the service. We do this with every client so that they are certain if they actually want to hire the carpet cleaning service or not.

The cleaners who come to help me with the carpet cleaning did a fantastic hob and even spent extra time on the worn out areas. My Persian carpets look brand new when the cleaning session was completed. The best part was that I did not have to pay a fortune.

The client has the whole service thoroughly explained to them from start to finish. We are very careful and make sure that we don’t skip any important info about the Hammersmith area.

As thorough as we are during the introduction, there is the case where a client might not get something. So that is why asking a question is completely encouraged. If the client wants to ask questions, they should. We have every answer surrounding the Hammersmith area.

We have made the booking of the carpet cleaning service super easy. When the appointment is made, the client should just wait, while we make sure to arrive right on time.

The client should prepare their home for the service. We need them to clear the carpets of any light furniture and fragile objects. If the client has pets, it would be best for them to be taken to a safe space while we work so that there is no panicking.

Every carpet we clean looks brand new in the end

  • We work with professional equipment.
  • We have handled some very challenging cases.
  • The cleaning products that we us are as effective as they are safe for the environment.
  • We do not require from the client to pay for anything else than the service.
  • The client can reschedule the appointment if they need to.

About Hammersmith

Hammersmith is an administrative centre of the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. It is recognised as one of the major centres in Greater London. It is bounded by Shepherd’s Bush, Kensington, Chiswick and Fulham. Hammersmith’s main shopping street is called King Street and its name comes from the Bishop of London- John King. There are plenty of small shops, a theatre, a cinema, hotels to be found. Last but not least there is also a cinema, a theatre and the centre of one of the largest Polish communities in London.

One of the most notable buildings in Hammersmith is The Ark. It is actually an office building and resembles the hull of a sailing ship. It was completed in 1992 and it is 76 metres tall. There is a Guinness-record-holder pub called The Dove. It is actually the smallest bar room around the globe. This pub was often visited by Ernest Hemingway.